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SOLARTECH locates in Guangdong Province, China. 

We focus on the development of cost-effective Solar showers, pool & spa accessories.  

We understand that quality and honesty are most important to you. Thanks to strict quality control procedures, Solartech's Aluminium Solar Showers and PVC Solar Showers are well welcomed by the European customers, especially in Spain, German, France, Austria, Portugal, Italy, Belgium and so on.

To keep a sustainable development, we are increasing our R&D investment to develop more innovating products, especially for the Solar Showers.

Customers are always the number one of our priority.

It’s specialized in pool & spa enclosures and outdoor solar showers.  After years of development, Solartech Solar Showers have been successfully marketed and distributed in Europe, Middle east, Australia etc,  and export more than 40 containers enclosures and showers to all over the word.

Solartech: put the high quality and good reputation at the first place. we concentrate on the quality control and good service to our customers.your satisfaction would be our greatest success.

Prefession: as a prefessional supplier we pay much attention to the process,from the quality control of raw materials、all accessories of the products to quality check、packing and delivery and so on.

Saving your money: as a manufacturer, the core of competitiveness is High cost performance, we emphasize good quality and low price, you save your trouble and money.

Innovation:developing products benefits everyone and helps the world more stronger,we Research+Develope+Innovate products which adds pleasure and color to our customer’s life.

Sustainability: we develop our products without any pollution and cost solar energy. solartech products are respectful of the environment and improve the quality of life in the environments we live.

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